I have fines I never paid from 2018 or earlier & I want to contest them - what do I do?

To contest any fines received from the HOA, you MUST file your grievance within 60 days of receiving the fine either by email, snail mail or in person at our monthly HOA meeting. We CANNOT accurately review fines given out by former OPN HOA boards. After receiving your grievance, we will review our records and render our decision. Please be aware that any unpaid fines result in a lien against your property until it is settled in full.


I've got a question or topic I wish to discuss with the board.  How can I speak with them?

The HOA Board meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday of each month  at 5:30pm, typically at the Montgomery Police Department's Community Room.  Please come and share any thoughts or questions - we're a totally VOLUNTEER BOARD and we're doing our best to live our lives AND serve the community in which we live, so please be patient with us

Association Documents:

Any details on the 2023 HOA dues?

​Yes, you do have to pay your HOA dues. It's how we pay for the block party, the spring clean-up, insurance for common areas... etc. 

  Please pay your $40 HOA dues through the mail or through our online pay button above.

Frequently Asked Home Owner Questions:

June 15, 2022 MEETING MINUTES:


Called to order at 5:37pm.
In attendance: President, Vice President, Treasurer & 2 neighbors.
Matt said the Bird coop seems to be assigned to a police officer, but the skateboard ramp, still in non-compliance, has yet to be assigned. 
Newsletter will go out in the next few weeks announcing more details on the block party. 
We've secured a reptile show. Getting bounce house & possible face painter. A photobooth was suggested & we're looking into it. 
The spring clean-up was moved to fall. 
Block party will begin at 4pm.
Still need to secure a house within the Emma Ct cul-de-sac for power usage - Brian knows everyone there & will ask around.
Sandi will look into getting the street blocking permit. 
What's a good day in Sept or October for Movie night? Possibly Sept 17 @ 7:30pm. When is sundown? Matt still has the popcorn popper. 
Solicit movie ideas on FB. Sandi will get copyright usage via Swank. Matt volunteered his house for the viewing. 

Meeting concluded at 6:08pm

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2023 Association Dues: $40.00

($2.00 convenience charge to pay online)

Orchard Prairie North is a 115 home subdivision located in Montgomery Illinois.  Conveniently located off Orchard Rd and Rt. 30.  Our community is in walking distance to parks, trails, and sports facilities and within minutes of shopping, I-88, and regional public transportation.

​​  Next Board Meeting:

​April's meeting has been canceled due to not having a meeting space


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Why am I being fined for garbage cans? What "can" I do about it?

If you received a fine for garbage/recycling can violations, it's because you had your cans sitting either in front, back or on the side of your house on at least 2 separate occasions which were spaced at least 3 weeks apart. To comply with OPN HOA regulations, you must keep them inside, OR get a tiny "receptacle" shed that fits up against your house OR build a fenced in "pen" for them. We WILL be cracking down on this, so please find a solution that works for you & the HOA.

Pay your HOA Dues Here


 Matt Monk 


 Sandi Lindsey

  Vice President

 Brian Baier


 Dionne Curcio


What do I need to do to add a deck/fence/solar panels?

If you wish to add a fence or deck/patio,  solar panels, or any changes to the exterior of your home (color, style structure) you will need to complete an Architectural Review Form

We strive to keep the yearly dues to as little as possible and still attend to the neighborhood's obligations. 

If you have any previous balance or are unsure if you have a balance, please contact us


1st Violation: $5

2nd Violation: $25

3rd Violation: $50

4th Violation: $100

Every violation after the 4th will also be $100

Unpaid fines will result in a lien against your home